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Are you a person who likes to have everything at a glance? Do you find structures and organization important and are still looking for a way to optimize that?

Then this post is for you! With this free software, I was able to develop certain standards in companies that now only need to be processed.

This tool makes it easier for you to keep control over certain processes, it simplifies reporting and analysis.

Since it has taken so much work off my plate and brought my quality to a whole other level, I want to share this with you now.

Recruiting Tools:

Intelligent applicant overview (origin, number of applicants per platform…) > linked to an automated pre-selection form > + an overview of all required employee onboarding resources (procedures, processes, tools, employee manual…) > + overview of contact persons > + onbaording checklists…

Airtable overview

It’s all linked together, there are automated deadlines. Simply crazy.

With this, I have developed a standard for recruiting for companies and you can too. With Airtable, I was able to standardize & automate this confusing site (recruiting).

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