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How are things going with customer acquisition? Is their website bringing them enough new customers? Do you want to improve your website conversion? Then this blog post is for you!

Want to convert more visitors into customers?

This short blog article is about making websites more customer friendly. What is our framework for this. What should they look out for. If you still read this article to the end, you will learn from us, our three most important steps of our approach.

A website conversion is the goal that every website should have. The aim is to get the website visitor to perform a specific action or action, such as registering for the newsletter with an email or downloading a checklist or simply contacting them so that they can help them with their service.

Three guiding questions for conversion optimization of a website:

To improve a web page on conversion, you should proceed as follows.

If these questions are not answered successfully in the first few seconds, the visitor will be gone again and all the effort will have been in vain. The following three questions should be asked, because every website visitor instinctively asks himself these three questions in a few seconds.

  • What is the website about?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • What’s next?

Find an unknowing test person, show them the website for 10 seconds and note down what they remember. After that, they should compare them with the desired goals and gradually improve this.

The following points are the easiest to improve in order to achieve more website conversions:

  • Improve texts and prepare content for search engines.
  • Rewrite the main headings (H1, H2, H3) into advantage headings.
  • The images on the website should trigger emotions and curiosity.
  • With a video you can explain the presentation of the service or product even better.

The goal is to convey to the website visitor what this is all about. You want to quickly deliver the information to the point here, convince users in the first ten seconds to stay further on the website.

The following would still need to be considered:

  • If an image is on the homepage (front page), the visual hierarchy should not come first.
  • An overview of the benefits should be listed at the top of the web page.
  • Customers who skim websites could thus be made aware of you.

These three points can be used to prepare for the upcoming project:

  1. Find a person who does not know what it is.
  2. Show the website for ten seconds and ask the questions here.
  3. Note any points that have not been said and improve them.

How do you create a better connection to the target group via the website?

Es dreht sich alles nur um Sie

The goal is to further strengthen the likeability factor of the website. The easiest way to do this is to work on similarity, attractiveness & association to the target audience.

What this means in practice is that in order to convince more people from your target group to become a customer/patient, you indirectly build trust with images of people who resemble the target group or even better correspond to the wishes of your target group.

You can use this effectively for yourself by setting an example and thus attracting the attention of the target group. (What is the dream of your customer)

Afterwards you have to show him how to get there (i.e. with which vehicle).

Last but not least, your dream client needs a story to build trust and then present him with the solution to his problem.

How do I get my potential customer to spend more money with me?

Angst etwas zu verlierenAngst etwas zu verlieren

That was the question I asked myself today and this is what I found out:

To entice him to leave more money with us, it is more effective to let the prospect experience the full package (preferably with promotional tools such as videos, an interactive discovery tour or compelling photos of his dream scenario).

The goal is to trigger the right emotions, because these are known to be responsible for our decision making.

At this point it is recommended to apply the law “fear of losing/missing something”.

After all, once the potential customer has had the chance to experience the full package emotionally, it’s hard for him to scale back a few notches when buying.

For example. Fitness studios to unknowingly tie users to high membership fees.

For this reason, good advertising materials with a well thought-out strategy and the right tasting are an important key to more sales.

Are you already using the power of Scarcity on your website?

Below you will find a few free tips ­čĺ»

Scarcity = shortage ­čś▒­čś▒

With targeted shortcuts in the right place, you can indirectly encourage faster action.

There are several options for this. Shortages in number or duration are most effective for increasing conversions (purchases).

­čĺá Example of scarcity of number:
Only 1 product available
Only 2 tickets left for this price range

­čĺá Example of scarcity of time:
Today only… Or only until tomorrow 23:59
Only for a limited time…

­čĺá Another option – to play with the price:
What is more expensive, seems to us of higher quality!
“Ah it costs more, then this product must be better”

From this you can then launch campaign or adjust the product descriptions…. and thus improve your quota and generate more sales. ­čôł

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