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In this article you will learn from us: the most important things about the Google My Business entry, important ranking factors as well as some of our optimization tips that you can already perform yourself in a few clicks.

Explanations about Goolge My Business:

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business allows a company to create a local listing the “Goolge My Business listing”. If your company does not have an entry yet, follow this link tocreate the entry in a few minutes. For this, they only need a Gmail account and the information about their company. This blog post is not about how to create a post, because that is self-explanatory. If you have any questions about this and need help, feel free to comment on the post using the comment feature, at the bottom of the blog post!

The advantages of these entries are: A prospective customer can find out information such as opening hours, company description, services, ratings and more in just a few clicks and contact your company directly/view your website.

This then appears whenever the company name is googled and serves as a further explanation and an entry door into their online business.

Google My Business Eintrag 1

Why Google My Business?

In order to be found better locally and to expand local attention, Google is the first point of contact that should be revised. With an entry that is completely filled in, they enable Google to provide suitable results about their company in the first place.

So, for example, if you are a doctor, then it is recommended to put the appropriate category, opening hours, what exactly you treat, how to make appointments with you, there to be displayed as the best result in the future.

How does Google My Business work?

As soon as a user enters a keyword in the Google search bar, Google compares it with its index and if, for example, an entry is stored, such as Kanzlei Königstraße Köster & Kollegen, the Local Pack appears [Eintrag]. With this it is then possible to get faster to the desired data such as the phone number or the website.

It is the virtual entrance door for the prospective customer to more information about their company. For this reason, it is extremely important to fully develop the following ranking factors in order to also appear first there and grab a majority of the clicks.

How much does Google My Business cost?

The complete entry is free of charge. There are no costs for hosting, nor for updates.

Google My Business for Business?

Do you want to gain more local visibility and attention with your company? Then this is the first necessary step! In the race for the top positions, you want to be found quickly and optimally in the Google index. This also applies to a Google My Business entry.

Google My Business Reviews / Collect ratings?

To gather more authority with the Google My Business listing, you can invite customers to submit a review. To do this, you should navigate to the home page in edit mode and look for the following in the middle right area:

Now send this link to selected customers for good reviews.

Every review is worth its weight in gold and gives you valuable points in the Google My Buisness ranking if the signals are good.

The important thing here is:

As a business, you should respond to both good and bad reviews in a timely manner to signal to Google that your business is active and that you are keeping an eye on it!

Bewertungen Antriebsmarketing GMB

Google My Business Hotline & Call Request?

If you have problems and don’t know what to do, there is a callback service from Google. You can reach him at the number: speak to a Google expert

Now we come to our professional tips Google My Business:

A) Did you know, for example, that you can store standard questions there for customers and answer them in advance?

  1. Log in to a Google account that is not linked to your GMB listing
  2. Search for the desired entry in the Google search
  3. Ask there the most important questions (how to pay, best way to get there, parking…).
  4. Log in to your Google account linked to GMB and answer the questions just asked

B) Share post for more reach

  1. GMB Oberfläche> Beiträge
  2. Write a post and add a picture
  3. Link to blog

C) Deposit services as an aid for Google

  1. GMB Surface
  2. Call services
  3. Deposit headings and subheadings (pay attention to keywords)
  4. Describe in as much detail as possible

D) Enable Google My Business news function

With the Google My Business app, it is now possible to respond to customer questions more quickly. To do this, open the GMB app and enable the “Enable Google My Business Messages” feature. The whole thing can lower your barrier to entry and increase your reach by signaling to Google that you’re active!

Google My Business -> Actively write messages and reply, all possible via smartphone

GMB Nachrichten Antwort GMB Nachrichten

E) Let them take a virtual tour of your company building

As a certified Google Partner, we can solve this for you. This has led to huge ranking jumps for our customers. The virtual tour can be uploaded and viewed and provides plenty of interaction. Isolated images can also be generated from the tour.

Ergebnisse Rundgang Bilder

What are the ranking factors to be found first?

The exact ranking factors for the Google listing are basically a company secret of Google itself. However, there are SEO service providers in the US that have conducted studies on this and we would like to share them with you: The latest study by Moz provides the following results:

According to Moz, 25% of the ranking in Google depends on the GMB profile, which can already deliver impressive results without a website and social media. For this, however, the contribution should also be filled with as much information as possible.

If you don’t know much about the terms in the Moz study image – here’s a compact explanation:

1) My Business Signals [Google My Business – 25%]

For the pure entry, a combination of proximity and the category is probably the most important factor.

Example: If someone enters “doctor Hamburg Winterhude”, GMB scans through the entries of the category doctor and returns the 5 best results. For this reason, the decisive factor is primarily the category.

Next, the location is matched. If the searcher is in the searched location, the three closest companies to the person’s position are preferred.

To generate diversity here, Google has introduced even more ranking factors, more about that in a moment.

Some companies help with keywords in the name of the entry, but if this is not part of the official nomenclature, thiscan be considered by Google as a ranking penalty. For this reason we do not recommend this.

Much more important is the completeness of the profile. Here it is important to take full advantage of the possible features of Google and maintain a conformity in similar business and company directories.

2) External link signals [Links – 17%]

Google values each external link as a medal if it comes from sites that are reputable. The more external links you collect, the more authority you gain on Google.

Important here is the anchor text used, because Google can read and evaluate these links.

An example: In our “drive marketing” specialists work for Local SEO

Behind the anchor text Local SEO there is now a link “” and this link in combination with the use anchor text Local SEO is the second biggest influencing factor with about 17%.

The more external links with matching anchor texts you have on the topic, the more influence you generate on Google. The important thing here is that the page itself has enough “authority” via the link to pass on some of its “juice” to us.

You should not buy something like this abroad, because Google can punish too fast growth or unclean linking and this would have a negative impact on your rankings.

3) Evaluation signals [Reviews – 15%]

Google calculates an average value from the sum of ratings in the GMB entry and makes it available to the searcher.

The decisive factor here is the large number. Medium to negative reviews are allowed to appear there, but it is important that there are more positive reviews to balance out again.

To keep everything under control yourself, it’s important to actively ask customers if they would leave a Google review after a positive experience.

It is also advisable to address negative feedback to suggest a solution in case of an unsuccessful user experience to ensure high customer satisfaction.

4) ON-page signals [Onpage – 14%]

What happens after the user clicks on the entry?

Does the user jump back into Google Search or was the search intent hit? Are the keywords in the title as promised? What is the domain authority?

Google measures such times, evaluates this and adjusts the result for the next visitor by a few percent with the help of the algorithm.

It is important not to promisetoo much in the entry here and to deliver exactly what the user expects.

When creating the website, it is also important to ensure that an imprint is provided. This is because Google uses the information stored there to match it with its GMB entry. Here Google checks the NAP consistency: name, address & phone number.

5) Citations signals [Citations – 11%]

This has nothing to do with links. Google checks here whether the deposited data have deviations with similar industry & company directories.

As a rule of thumb, the data stored there must always be named the same for each entry, with the exact same address and the same telephone number. (So the same characters)

Google already evaluates small deviations negatively. A commonly found example is the address:
Gertigstreet 35 or Gertigstr. 35. important here is to maintain a consistency and recommend always the advertised variant.

On the one hand, a high quantity is important, but much more important is the quality of the entries as well as their authority.

6) Behavior signals [Behaviour – 10%]

This is mainly about user signals:

How many view the entry/contribution? How many unfold the text stored there to read the company description? How many look at the pictures or the videos deposited there? How many use navigation?

These are all key factors of the entry’s attractiveness and should be filled carefully accordingly.

7) Personalization [Personalisierung – 6%]

Here Google pays attention to whether stock photos have been used in the entry. What does the profile picture look like? Has an image been chosen here that corresponds to the activity?

Is there a logo? Were Google’s features used for the most part or not?

8) Social media [Social – 3%]

Meanwhile, Google also follows the deposited links to the social media profiles.
There the algorithm can determine if a company has many followers, what is the activity there?

Factor in the number of followers, the number of likes, shares and other interactions, as well as the number and nature of reviews and recommendations.

So in summary it can be remembered that the Local Pack ranking is influenced by:

  1. [Google My Business – 25%]
  2. [Links – 17%]
  3. [Reviews – 15%]
  4. [Onpage – 14%]
  5. [Citations – 11%]
  6. [Behaviour – 10%]
  7. [Personalisierung – 6%]
  8. [Social – 3%]

Local Pack Ranking Factors

Final Summary:

In order to be successful with the Google-my-Business entry and to present yourself well on Google, it is essential to maintain this entry carefully. With our professional tips Google My Business, creativity and the above mentioned ranking factors GMB, you can hold your own very well against your competitors.

We have worked out an expert strategy for clients to make this entry shine. Because this is the virtual entrance door for every interested party.

If you would like to have yours revised, we look forward to your contact request

On a scale of 1 to 10, how high is your Google My Business listing?

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