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Virtual tours as the latest trend!

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Virtual tours are the latest trend in terms of staging your real estate, stores, hotels, sports facilities and more. With us, you bring your company to life digitally. Using the most modern technology of the company Matterport, we develop for you the new figurehead of your digital presentation.

Discover with us the added value of such a digital presentation for you and your customers. Our virtual tours are perfect products for any company that sees its capital in the marketing, modification or communication of real objects. Especially in times of a crisis that has never existed on such a scale across all industries, opportunities for digitization have become increasingly important and present.

With our virtual tour, you have the opportunity to give your customers the experience of being up close and personal without the risk of direct contact. But in the future, it will be impossible to imagine your company’s digital presence without virtual tours of this kind.

Virtual tours in the real estate industry

The direct benefits of our virtual tours are quickly found, for example, in the real estate industry. Together with us, you create a digital direct image of the property you want to sell, minimizing the time you spend on viewings.

Instead of sending your clients an exposé with photos and floor plans of the property, simply send the link we have created for your property and any potential Interesst can walk the building in its entirety in advance. In this way, you filter out the customers who have a concrete interest in the property and are likely to make a direct purchase.

Virtueller Rundgang Immobilie
Dollhouseview of a property of the company EinQuartiert GmbH

Use of virtual tours in the service industry

But the added value can also be easily explained using the example of other companies from different industries. Companies in the service industry usually try to present themselves and their actions transparently in order to give the customer a better understanding of the value of their work.

Here, a big step towards transparency is the presentation of the company’s own premises. These are best presented by giving the customer the opportunity to walk the premises and probably meet the staff. Since such a real and direct walk-through is difficult in most cases, a virtual tour offers the perfect alternative.

You can present your workplaces, probably even employees with short personal texts and pictures of you. Hereby you get your customers to get to know you from your best possible side and without interfering with your workflows.

Rundgang Consulting Unternehmen
Tour of the office of the company foreverontheblockchain GmbH


Create a virtual tour for your business with us and see how it becomes the most important part of your digital business card.

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